About Tabby Town

Big ears

Tabby Town is a unique, not for profit, Cat Adoption Center and Rescue Cooperative. Located within the McKinley Mall, it is managed by a committed team of volunteers, who love and care for them. It is a "rescued cat's home between homes".

Working with shelters, Tabby Town was formed to increase cat adoptions in the Western New York community by bringing homeless cats & kittens closer to the public for adoption. With over 50 - 65 cats and kittens at the adoption center at any given time, they are in cozy condo's just waiting to meet you.

Friends for Felines Inc. 501(c)3. 3701 McKinley Pkwy. #830, Blasdell NY, 14219 hello@tabbytown.org 716.822.4910

  • Tabby Town provides an innovative and unique concept of letting cats relax in a storefront window, making them cozy in condos and special rooms.
  • Tabby Town is a 'home between homes" for cats waiting for adoption.
  • Tabby Town has a growing foster program that nurtures kittens and prepares them for their 'furever' home.
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