Pre-adoption Questionnaire

Thank you for considering Tabby Town to adopt your next cat.


Are you 21 or older?
   If you are NOT over 21 you must be accompanied by a parent.

The Adoption Center is open Tuesday - Sunday from noon - 4:00 pm. Your preadoption form will be on file. Would you prefer an evening appointment?
   If you prefer an evening appointment, a Team Member will be in contact to schedule.

Do you own your own Home?

If you rent, are cats allowed?      Supply a copy of your lease agreement or letter from your landlord.

Who shares your household?  

Describe home atomosphere:       

Have you ever adopted from Tabby Town before?        

Have you ever surrendered a cat?        

Are you aware of any cat allergies in your household?      

If you have allergies, why you are still considering adopting a cat?


Who will be the primary caretaker for this cat?

How long are you away from home?

Our cat will live?            

How would your describe your cat experience? (If this is your first cat, we will guide you!)

Are your prepared to make the financial commitments necessary, including medical costs, for the care of your cat(s)?     

We can recommend one for you if needed.
Are there any other animals in your household and are they spayed/neutered?
    When you come to Tabby Town to adopt, you will be able to spend time and interact with the cat(s) you are interested in. All of your questions will be answered at that time.    

    At time of adoption, I will receive a Tabby Town information packet, including medical records.   

    Our goal is to create the best opportunity for long-term happiness for both you and your cat. The Tabby Town Team is responsible for the well-being of each cat and kitten in our care. Therefore, we reserve the right of final approval for each adoption. Thank you!
  • Address:Tabby Town
    3701 McKinley Pkwy., #830
    Blasdell, NY 14219
  • Phone:(716) 822-4910