Adoption Fees

Tabby Town - A Rescued Cat's Home Between Homes
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  • Tabby Town is committed to keeping affordable adoption costs.
  • Tabby Town provides an innovative and unique concept of letting cats relax in a storefront window and making them cozy in condos.

The chart below is an illustration of some of the costs we incur for every Tabby Town Cat.

What's Included

Tabby Town is proud to honor 1st Lieutenant Robert Fahey from Buffalo, New York. As an Air Force pilot in the Korean War, serving from 1946 to 1954, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for 73 missions. He and his daughter Carrie Fahey, have established the "Robert F. Fahey Veterans Fund". The sole purpose of this fund is to help our veterans and military with adoption assistance at Tabby Town. This will be an ongoing program for those looking to adopt a cat or kitten.
What's Included