Foster Care Application


Do you own your own Home?  

If you rent, are cats allowed?      Supply a copy of your lease agreement or letter from your landlord.

Have you ever fostered animals before?        

Are there children in your household?        

Would you consider your household:   

Are you aware of any cat allergies in your household?      


Do you have any pets in your household now?      

Are they spayed / neutered?      

Are their vaccinations current?      

If you have cat(s) are they kept?   

If you have other cats, will you be able to keep the foster cats separate?  

Are you willing to foster a momma cat and her kittens?     

Are you willing to keep to the vaccination schedule set by the foster care manager?     

Are you willing to transport to the appropriate location for those appointments?     

Tabby Town has several veterinary partners with which we have a working relationship. Tabby Town is responsible for scheduling any appoitment, if necessary, with those veterinary partners and will assume all financial responsibility. If, however, you decide to take a cat/kitten to your own personal vet without approval, are you willing to accept financial responsibility?  

Do you agree to call Tabby Town immediately at the first sign of an emergency situation with the kitten(s) in your care so that we can schedule the appropriate veterinary appointment?  

Do you fully understand the commitment needed as a foster parent in caring for a cat/kitten and accept that it will require a lot of your personal time?  

Are you able to accept the fact that some kittens will not thrive and possibly not survive and that any emergency decision are up to the Tabby Town Staff?  

If you or anyone you know are interested in adopting your foster cat/kittens, you agree to follow Tabby Town's standard adoption and approval process?  

    I have answered the questions above truthfully and completely. I understand that although Tabby Town takes reasonable care to screen animals for foster care placement, it makes no guarantee relating to the health of a cat/kitten, behavior or actions. I understand that I receive foster care animals at my own risk and can reject or return any animals for which Tabby Town has asked me to provide care. I indemnify and hold Tabby Town Cat Adoption Center harmless from all liability arising out of any and all claims, demands, losses, damages, action, judgement of every kind and description which may occur to or be suffered by me, members of my household, or any third parties by reason of activities arising out of this agreement    

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